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Reuben Forsland
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 Reuben Forsland is well-known for his respect of traditional building methods, yet is always exploring new design and concepts through the use of rare and exotic woods and materials. His philosophy of building a great guitar extends to lives of the people it will touch through passion, inspiration and music . The art of guitar building is so much more than making a beautiful instrument. The detail of exact measurements and the intrinsic qualities of the different woods is what truly makes a guitar sound the way you desire. Precision in tone, resonance, and differentiation for each note played are the standards for a JOI guitar. Perfecting  sound for the clients tonal desires and requirements - starting with my own bracing system, then matching it with the right combination of woods. That achieves two key things: the most ideal sound and absolute client satisfaction.

Trevor Woodland
Vigilant Guitars
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Vigilant was founded in 2015 and has quickly grown into a business specializing in extended range instruments (7, 8 and 9 strings), multi scale instruments utilizing exotic woods and environmentally conscious products. I manufacture instruments to be as unique as the musicians who play them and I’m always happy to try new technologies, products and processes to make your dream guitar!