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Organized by Trevor Woodland and Reuben Forsland, the Victoria Guitar Show is a long overdue celebration featuring talented builders from Vancouver Island alongside premier luthiers from throughout Canada. The VGS is a great opportunity for exhibitors to showcase the best of their trade and for patrons to discover and celebrate some of the best manufacturers of acoustics, electrics, basses, pedals, amps and hardware. Whether you’re a seasoned musician, a novice strummer or someone who appreciates a well built piece of art, the VGS guarantees that you won’t be disappointed by this unique display of music makers.






The VGS will be held inside the ground level "Pre-Function" area with access through Douglas St. Washrooms, seating and wheelchair access are all available for visitors.

Doors Open 10am-4pm
Free Admission

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Meet the Makers

Enter to Win

Meet the people who craft some of the most unique, inventive, and decorative instruments used by some of the world's premier musicians. The public will have the chance to chat to luthiers, repair techs and industry leaders to gain invaluable knowledge on a plethora of boutique instruments. 

The public will have the chance to enter a lottery to win an electric guitar built by local luthier, Trevor Woodland. Stay tuned for specs on the guitar as we're sure to make it a local treat. Come check out the guitar and put your name in the jar to win the guitar, a case full of goodies and more prizes. Draw will be held at 3:30pm.

Test the Gear

Private rooms will be available for builders and customers to chat about an instrument's unique specifications and test its abilities in a welcoming environment. Whether you're looking to purchase the instrument or commission a custom build of your own, this is great opportunity to try before you buy!

For any questions or inquiries, feel free to reach us at the following contact info, or simply send us a message!

Tel: 250 208 9525

Email: trevor@vigilantguitars


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